Morris Dirt For Top-Quality Bulk Soil

Recycled Materials for a Beautiful Landscape

granite stones for walkway

Crushed Limestone from Riverdale or Stockyards Materials

Brown mulch

Mulching Material from Riverdale or Stockyards Materials

pea stones for compacting

Recycled Aggregate from Kankakee, Riverdale or Stockyards

backfill dirt

Rough Topsoil from Morris Dirt, Riverdale or Stockyards

filtered sand held in the hand

Filtered Sand from Riverdale or Stockyards Materials

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rocks for landscaping

Backfilling Soil

Also Known As: Reclaimed or Returned Soil

Material: Screened earthen material

Size: Small

Uses: Commonly used to fill a trench or foundation once excavation has been completed.

backfill dirt

Pulverized Dirt

Also Known As: Garden mix, Organic Soil, Top soil 

Material: Mixture of organic matter 

Size: Fine

Uses: Commonly used to grow plants and vegetables in gardens and pots. 

handful of rock soil

Screened Dirt

Also Known As: Clean, Fine Fill 

Material: Made of subsoil, but can consist of any material- sand, clay, gravel and so on. 

Size: Pea Fine, Almost Dusty

Uses: Used to fill landscape areas where topsoil is added. 

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